What Can You Make With Cook Chill? (video)

What Can You Make With Cook Chill?

The Cook Chill system offers big advantages to Foodservice Industries

Safety, Quality, Extended Shelf Life


What is Cook Chill?

Cook Chill is a cooking method where large batches of food are cooked, bagged, and then rapidly chilled and stored to be reheated later and served.  Restaurants, caterers, schools, hospitals, and resorts commonly depend on the Cook Chill method to meet the demands of serving large groups of people. 

Does that mean a single location restaurant is not a prime candidate for Cook Chill?

No, smaller establishments also benefit from using this system!  Cook Chill is easily scalable to any size establishment.  From mom & pop restaurants, to industrial size kitchens, any size kitchen can start using Cook Chill and see the benefits immediately!

Safety Benefits of using Cook Chill

Food safety has always been the core of any foodservice operator, and now more than ever, operators are looking for ways to constantly improve and increase their food safety measures to ensure the highest quality for their patrons. Regardless of establishment size, using a centralized food preparation allows precise control of recipes and ingredients, while reducing the risk of cross contamination. 

Optimum Sanitation

With Cook Chill, once the raw ingredients go into the cooking kettle, the food is never again exposed to handling. The Cook Chill bag is used for packaging, storing, distribution and reheating. This unique, multilayered material also prevents crossover of flavors or odors in distribution. The foods are packaged at above pasteurization temperature, and not exposed to air until the bag is opened for serving.

Freshness and Quality

Each batch prepared with the Cook Chill method is a “prescription” for freshness and quality. This centralized preparation enables foodservice operators to maintain absolute control over uniformity and quality. All recipes are precisely measured and cooking cycles carefully monitored. Foods are cooked to proper doneness, never over- or undercooked. Thus, every serving location, no matter how distant, is assured uniform flavor, texture and quality. Best of all, even after weeks in storage, the foods taste as if they were freshly prepared.

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Cost and Labor Savings

Batch processing menu items provides higher yields, with less waste by following precise recipes resulting in consistent quality and taste.  From a labor standpoint, less staff is needed since the food is prepared in bulk, which in turn allows for more scheduling flexibility and increased productivity. 

Storage and Retherming

When perfectly cooked and still above pasteurization temperature, food is filled directly into a Cook Chill bag. The bag is then sealed, rapidly chilled, and then refrigerated or froze until needed.  When ready to serve, the product can be steamed or immersed in hot water while still in the bag or emptied into a kettle or pan.

Plascon Bags and Accessories

Plascon manufactures several styles of Cook Chill bags to meet various operational requirements. From Angle Heat Sealed, Straight Heat Sealed, Clipped, and Handle Bags, available in many standard sizes as well as custom sizes, we are sure to have what you need.  All bags are available in standard clear film, as well as colored film options - a great way to distinguish specific food types at a glance! Additionally, we offer many accessory items such as ring stands, impulse heat sealers, clips, Mini-Chill (great for minimal floor spaces), and even various starter sets to give you everything you need to begin using Cook Chill. 

Common Cook Chill Foods

Any foods of pumpable consistency are perfect opportunities for Cook Chill methodology.  Check out our video for a few ideas of what you could be making with the Cook Chill method! Examples include:

  • Soups & Stews
  • Sauces
  • Salad Dressings
  • Chowders, Chilis and Bisques
  • Gravies
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Mac & Cheese
How do you get started? 

Plascon makes it easy to get started using the Cook Chill method!  Our starter sets give you all the essential items to get started right away, and are available with a variety of options to suit your needs and space requirements. Best of all, you can order your starter set online! Our best selling Cook Chill bags and accessories are also available to purchase online.  Don't see what you are looking for?  More options and special orders are available by contacting us direct to discuss your specific Cook Chill requirements. 



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