Plascon is BRCGS 'AA' certified in food grade flexible packaging

Why BRCGS 'AA' Certification is Critical for Your Food Grade Packaging

Plascon Group Achieves BRCGS Double A Rating!

What this certification means, and why it is important to your packaging needs.

What is BRCGS anyway?

The British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCGS) is an independent audit group focused on Global Standards for food safety, packaging materials and the storage and distribution of consumer products.

Established in 1996 by a group of retailers, BRCGS was created with the aim of harmonizing food safety standards on a global scale, promoting consistency and reliability throughout supply chains.

Why is BRCGS important?

Today the BRCGS sets the benchmark for good manufacturing practices and helps to provide assurance to customers that products are safe, legal and of the highest quality available.

BRCGS is recognized across both food and non-food categories and operates the most rigorous third-party certification of its type. The rigorous certification process, carried out by highly trained auditors, instills confidence in consumers by guaranteeing that products from BRCGS-certified vendors meet the highest standards of excellence.


What does BRCGS do for me?

In September of 2023, Plascon proudly achieved the prestigious 'AA' BRCGS Certification for the 6th consecutive year, solidifying our commitment to excellence in providing food-grade packaging solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. This remarkable achievement highlights our unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety, quality, and integrity of your products, reinforcing your brand's reputation and enhancing your overall market presence. When you choose Plascon, you are not just getting a packaging supplier - you are partnering with a company that prioritizes safety, quality, and customer satisfaction above all else. Trust in our proven track record to deliver packaging solutions that elevate your brand's reputation, enhance your market presence, and ensure the integrity of your products.

Whether you're in need of Saftea® Liners to maintain the freshness of your iced beverages, Box Liners for safeguarding delicate items, Sous Vide bags for precise culinary creations, or Cook Chill Packaging for effortless meal preparation, Plascon stands as your trusted ally for unparalleled quality and exceptional service.

Be sure to visit our webstore for our most commonly requested products and sizes, or contact us to discuss custom size options to best suit your application.  

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