Plascon is Here to Help During Get to Know your Customers Day!

It's Get to Know your Customers Day!

Get to Know Your Customers Day reminds businesses to reach out to patrons and get to know them better. The day is observed annually on the third Thursday of each quarter (January, April, July, October). 

When businesses get to know their customers, you also get to know more about what you need to grow.

With the advent of the Internet and big-box stores, unfortunately, much of the personal attention has gone by the wayside. Get to Know Your Customers Day is a day to turn that around. Make it a point to get to know a little more about your customers.

 Tips to Knowing Your Customer:

  1. Ask your customers questions. Find out what services and products they need. 
  2. Use social media.Get the word out about your specials and new product. Social media is a great tool to find out what your customers like and don’t like about your business.
  3. Follow up on a purchase. Ask your customers how their purchase or service worked for them. Not only will you find out about your product, but you will learn more about your customer and the services they need.
  4. Network with other businesses.Learning and sharing best practices for getting to know customers from other successful businesses will also grow your business.

Plascon Manufactures a variety of flexible packaging products for use in several areas of the food service industry. Especially in these challenging times, we want our valuable customers, and prospective new customers to know that we are here to help you chart your business path in resourcing high quality, food grade flexible packaging.  From Cook Chill and Sous Vide Bags, to Saftea tea urn Liners, to custom sized box liners (including biodegradable optiosn!) we have the products, and the experience to help you find the perfect product. Call, email, or chat with us online and let us know what your packaging challenges are, and we can help to find the best solution for your specific needs.  Safety and sanitation have always been at the core of our company values and product offerings, which is evidenced by our BRC 'AA' Certification in packaging. We proudly offer our Made in the USA packaging solutions at our Traverse City, Michigan manufacturing plant.  Contact us, and let us know how we can help!

Plascon Packaging Solutions Include:

pouring into cook chill bag on ring stand
Cook Chill Bags and Accessories
  • For packaging large batches of product and storing for later use.

tea pour_2048pxSaftea® Liner

Disposable liners for tea urn dispensers.  These help to provide safer, cleaner, better tasting tea for your customers & reduce clean up time.


Box Linersbox liner_green1
  • We manufacture a variety of liners for food packaging applications.  Biodegradable options are also available.


micro steam pouchMicro Steam Pouch
  • A Self-Venting Microwavable Pouch that efficiently cooks food using the natural water content already in the food.



Sous Vide Bagssous_vide_166_123
  • Plascon  manufactures Co-extruded, Tubular/Single Sealed Bags vs. the competitors Laminated, 3-side sealed pouches.

food grade flex packaging-01

Would you like to know more about our products?  Click the orange button and let us know how we can help!

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