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5 Great Alternative Uses for Tea #NationalIcedTeaMonth

The Power of Tea

Did you know tea could do these things?

Aside from the delicious taste and healthy benefits of tea, we wanted to share a few other uses of tea that perhaps you have never heard or thought about before.  Keep reading to find out 5...

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The Historical Origins of Iced Tea

Iced Tea has Deep Roots in the US

Iced tea is a tasty, refreshing beverage that has become a staple in the United States.  As the Summer months approach, the popularity of iced tea spikes, although this drink is enjoyed year round.  In fact, 85%...

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Saftea® Liner Exhibits at the 20th Annual Food Safety Conference

This May, Plascon attended and exhibited at the 20th Annual Food Safety Conference to feature Saftea® Liner disposable tea urn liners. We felt this was an ideal spot to show our liners to a large group of professionals who  dedicate their careers...

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Iced Tea: Thirst Quencher with Health Benefits

Hot Summer Days & Iced Tea Go Hand-in-Hand

I have been a tea drinker since childhood. What I believe started my “health addiction” to tea was the hugely successful "Take the Plunge" commercial campaign for Nestea that began in the 70s. Taking the...

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National Iced Tea Month - Ice Tea Recipes You Have to Try!

 June is National Iced Tea Month! 

Iced Tea is not only a refreshing Summertime beverage - it is actually good for you!
What's your favorite flavored iced tea? Share your favorites!  #NationalIcedTeaMonth



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Iced Tea Fun Facts for National Iced Tea Month

Happy National Iced Tea Day!

The entire month of June is celebrated as National Iced Tea Month, and June 10th is National Iced Tea Day, so get out there and enjoy your favorite iced tea beverage!

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Saftea® Liner Success at Midland Country Club

Midland Country Club Showcase Saftea® Liner

Staff members at Midland Country Club in Midland Texas enjoy a refreshing iced tea beverage.

We've been telling you about the many benefits of using Saftea® Liner for a whlie now, but nothing speaks...

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Summertime DIY Mason Jar Iced Tea

Do-It-Yourself Summer Sun Tea

June is #NationalIcedTeaMonth

Remember making your own Sun Tea during the Summer?  That wonderfully refreshing beverage that quenches thirst on a hot Summer day?  Whether a pleasant childhood memory, or you are...

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Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with Saftea® Liner!

June is National Iced Tea Month

Summer is quickly approaching, and temperatures are already heating up! June is National Iced Tea Month, and a time when everyone can chime in with their favorite flavored iced tea.  At Plascon, we strive to...

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