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A Holiday Packaging Poem from Plascon

Posted By Nancy Hodges

A Holiday ditty to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer:

rudolph wrapped in christmas lightsYou know Box Liners and Saftea® and Biodegradable

Sous Vide and Cook Chill and Film Rolls are available

But do you know how

To choose the greatest packaging solution of all?


If you’re serving fresh brewed iced tea

Or iced coffee, fruity drinks or lemonade

You’ll want it to always be the freshest

Saftea® Liner’s here to save the day


How ‘bout the Cook Chill process

Like soups, stews and hollandaise

We’ve got your bag essentials

From clipped, heat sealed and handle bagspickup truck with tree


Our eco-friendly films not only biodegrade

They keep your products from harm

Protect from spoiling and damage as they’re made

So your produce makes it off the farm


As we begin the New Year

We’re here to help along the way

Offering Flexible Packaging Solutions

To you all each and every day


Cheers to the New Year!  Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Holiday Season!

Looking forward to serving as your Flexible Packaging Resource for 2020!


happy holidays from plascon



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