Cook Chill Bags are the perfect packaging for all of your sauces.

Grab Your Favorite Sauce this March

Cook Chill Bags make food service simply delicious!

Celebrate National Sauce Month this March

It’s time to get saucy! March is National Sauce Month and there are so many ways to celebrate! The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sauce as a condiment or relish for food, something that adds zest or flavoring, or a stewed fruit eaten with other food or as a dessert. Which means every meal, every snack, and every dessert can all be sauced up and taken to the next level.

Here in the States, we are pretty obsessed with our sauces. It is reported that the average American consumes around 71 pounds of ketchup a year. Soy sauce and salsa round out the top three spots and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The sauce game gets turned up to 10 when you start thinking of all the sweet sauces and syrups we douse our desserts in.

An array of sauces can add options and variety to any basic dish. Take chicken for example. A basic chicken breast can be transformed to appease just about any cuisine craving imaginable. Shred it up and add salsa for fajitas. Slow cook it with your favorite barbeque sauce and you have a southern staple. Toss in some noodles and pasta sauce, stir fry it up with some soy sauce, the possibilities are almost limitless and it’s all thanks to sauce.

Plascon cook chill bags for sauces

However, a good handmade sauce can be a time-consuming venture that your business might not have time to prepare for each dish that is coming through your kitchen and that’s where Plascon is here to help. With an assortment of Cook Chill bags, including Angle & Straight Heat Seal Bags, Clipped Bags, and Handle Bags, we are sure to have just what you need to bulk prep your sauces and package them into convenient to use sizes. The best part is sauces can stay fresh for a long time with proper storage. Our most popular sizes are even available to purchase online, so you can order when it is most convenient for you, even if that means it's 3am. 


So, whether it’s your famous sriracha, or crowd-pleasing hot fudge there is a solution for your sauce storage needs to be found at Plascon! Contact us with any questions and to discuss your packaging needs.


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